Jeremy May

Software Developer

I love engineering software to solve the problems we have.

I've been doing this since I was in high school and have been teaching myself new technology, new languages, and new ways to do things; ever since.

There is nothing quite like starting up a program and having it make your life easier!

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Operating Systems: Windows >10 year OS X ~2 years Linux ~1 year
Languages: Java ~5 years Python ~2 years Javascript <1 year C++ ~1 year CSS <1 year HTML ~1 year SQL <1 year
Software: Eclipse ~5 years Visual Studio ~2 years Maven <1 year Git <1 year
Foreign Languages: Japanese ~Business Lvl


Gallery HangoutHangout Widget to share images among participants
  • A Google Hangout extension that uses Imgur's REST API to upload and share images with Hangout users easily.
DroidNaviReceive alerts on your computer when your Android phone rings or you miss a call
  • An app that notifies servers about incoming and missed calls using JSON.
  • PC server built with Java and linked to the Python PyQT UI using the Py4j library.
MineLineChat Log NLP Analysis Toolkit
  • Python app using NLTK 3.0 to analyze LINE chat logs and eventually other logs.
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